KSPEED Ultra Racing Sponsons

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Suits Kawasaki Ultra Platform.

250, 260, 300, 310X, 310R, 310LX + Ultra LX (non supercharged) Models

Designed for maximum control and speed through tight corners and navigating the surf. Excellent for towing tubes. 

Gain complete confidence during high speed mangrove runs and racing.

Fully adjustable to suit all conditions and rider skill level. 48 usable settings.

Carve up the water.


All KSPEED sponsons are made in house from milled billet alloy. This is approximately a 10hr process.

(Not ABS with alloy inserts)

Absolute best sponsons on the market.



These have been extremely popular in the recent months, as such we are currently out of stock.

ETA for production is April 2022.
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