We have our inhouse walkthrough videos below.

At the bottom is the links to some of the best Kawasaki videos.


Kawasaki STX-15F: How to flush correctly


Kawasaki ULTRA LX & ULTRA 250/260: How to flush correctly


Kawasaki ULTRA 300/310: How to flush & fog your supercharger correctly


Kawasaki Ultra 310 - Basic Operation Tutorial


2020 Kawasaki STX160X unboxing


Kawasaki Ultra 310 - Dash operation


KSPEED - Our inhouse developed STAGE 1 Performance kit


Riding your Jet Ski onto the trailer


Staying dry with Kawasaki Splash Deflectors


Reversing your trailer 101


Kawasaki ULTRA 300/310: Cruise Control Operation

Lots more videos, simply click HERE




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