KSPEED STX Ride plate

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The ultimate in control and speed.

Our ride plate will make the ski faster in all conditions, but you will be able to fly over heavy chop with much more speed and predictable handling.

Can be used with or without our Kspeed pump wedge.

TAKE NOTE. 2 VERSIONS ARE AVAILABLE. With speedo wheel cut out, without speedo wheel cut out.

Look under your ski, if the speedo wheel  is in the ride plate, you will need the version WITH the cut out.

If you speedo is on the back of the hull, you will need the version WITHOUT the cut out.


Suits STX-12f, STX-15F, STX-R, STX-160, STX-1100


Customer feedback:

Ryan C: "I just finished my long weekend in Canada and the first 15 hours on the new plate and I just want to commend you boys on the performance of this plate! I have never felt more stable, dry and comfortable. Forget the extra 2.5Mph I picked up on top! This things is the cats meow, feels like I'm on rails in all conditions and it's a sin I waited this long for an upgrade!"