KSPEED STAGE 2 - Ultra 300/310

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After many requests, we are releasing the stage 2 kit.

You should have the stage 1 kit fitted to take full advantage of the stage 2, however it can be fitted separately.

Improved cooling, Increased air flow and even stronger low-midrange performance.

(note: the supercharger whine will be much more noticeable with this kit)


Intercooler BOV blockoff:

When increasing the boost beyond 16.5 psi, the emergency relief on the back of the intercooler will vent any pressure of that amount out the back of the intercooler BOV. This would defeat the purpose of running a smaller pulley to increase the boost.

Simply remove the standard OEM BOV from the rear of the intercooler and fit this plate in it's place. No more bleeding off boost pressure.


Made from lightweight aircraft grade billet alloy. 


Excellent upgrade for all 300/310 Jet Skis, reflash needed to take full advantage 

108mm pulley is race spec. You MUST run fresh (2months old MAX) 98octane (Australia) 93 Octane (USA) fuel with this pulley. It will also come with a new idler to reduce belt slack. More significant boost increase.

NOTE: 108mm pulley is recommended for RACE skis only. Due to the fuel requirement and aggressive acceleration. We don't recommend this upgrade for novice riders.


Cool air intake kit:

The KSPEED cool air intake increase the available air inside the hull.

This will significantly increase induction noise, and increase the audible noise of the supercharger whine.

Cooler air intake temps = MORE POWER.

Comes with block off caps for airbox and hose clamps.


5th hole intake kit:

The KSPEED 5th hole kit further increases the available air inside the hull, when fitting the atmospheric trumpet you are partially reducing cool air on one hose, so the fitment of the 5th hole is necessary.

Atmospheric Trumpet:

The KSPEED atmospheric trumpet re-routes hot bypassed air into the atmosphere rather than back through the air box. This lowers intakes temps and creates the loud Pshhhhhtt noise when backing off the throttle.


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