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KSPEED STAGE 1 + Reflash

* You send us your ECU & Key. We return it with the additional kit.


KSPEED ECU reflash = More power, more speed, more fun. - We reflash your ECU

  • Remove the factory speed limiter, allowing the ski to go past the 108kph / 68mph
  • Remove traction control (only on 310 models), which reduces the response time on the throttle.
  • Remap the ECU to give the ski better acceleration and more power.

KSPEED 2degree pump wedge.

  • By changing the angle of the entire jetpump, we can lift the bow of the ski out of the water and increase the skis top end speed.
  • Rather than bending the water flow by trimming the nozzle and slowing down the flow of water slightly, this allows 2 degree positive trim in neutral position.
  • Supplied with 2 longer bolts for the bottom of wedge.

*Pump wedge fitted is additional $50 - Select "installation" type before adding to cart.

KSPEED Intake Grate.

  • By changing the angle of water entry, we can get more water into the pump. Which improves hook-up in all conditions. Better hookup, better hole shot and less loss of speed when travelling in rough conditions.
  • We have generated mechanical lift as well, which has seen 3-10kph gains depending on water conditions. Supplied with bolts to suit. Blue loctite required.

STAGE 1 fitting can be done same day in the shop, normally with 1-2hrs. Bookings essential.

SELECT your ski type when checking out, Different tunes as the 310's run a knock sensor and have traction control.

Your speed results may vary from our results. This kit has been combined from our 8 years of racing and tuning experience. It yields the best Bang for Buck results. Condition of your ski, prop, temperature water conditions etc, can all alter performance.

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-Please email us prior to sending. sales@brisbanekawasaki.com.au