Kawasaki Muffler Filter + Gaskets- Fits Ultra 300/310

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Includes 2x Genuine Muffler filter gaskets


The sole purpose of the muffler filter on Supercharged Kawasaki Jetski is trap condensation from the hot water in the waterbox of the muffler from rising up and reach the cylinders of those with open exhaust valves once you have shut off the ski.

The honey comb  captures the condensation where it forms droplets then drops back down the exhaust leg into the waterbox.

This is ensure your plugs don't develop condensation and you avoid a "WET START" condition.

If the muffler filter wasn't there, the condesation would enter the chamber, put moisture on the plug and over time rust the exhaust valves.

Muffler filters should be checked at each service interval and replaced every 50hrs or as required.

If the muffler filter isn't replaced, it will rust and fall down the exhaust.

This can cause the exhaust to become blocked. It can lead to excessive exhaust temps and other potential problems. (as well as a bigger bill in the future to cut open the waterbox and retrieve the old muffler filter remnants.