Jetski Wash & Foaming Gun

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Foaming Shampoo & Salt Remover + Foaming gun.

We've been washing jetski's for over 12years. In that time we've tested every product out there that you can think off.

Finally it clicked, lets make one that simply works and does what is says on the label.

-100% Biodegradable

-PH Neutral & Phosphate free

-Safe for use on all surfaces

-Corrosion Protection

-Plant derived ingredients

Simply mix 40ml of Jet Ski Wash with 950ml of water in the foaming gun.
Spray on and let it sit for 45 secs. Heavily soiled ski's may require repeat application or light agitation with a sponge.
Hose off & Chamois dry

Can be sprayed in engine bays for far more effective cleaning also.

Foaming gun separates and allows you to rinse the ski without changing all the connections. Simply slide the unlock switch, twist and remove.