2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X
2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X

2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310X

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FREE TRAILER WITH 2022 Model 310X only.

$500 Pre-order deposits are non refundable.

Balance payable within 7 days. Finance available T.A.P

Once you have paid your deposit, please email a copy of your driver's license to sales@brisbanekawasaki.com.au

SE QLD residents only, contact your local dealer if outside of this locale.

Marine 1,498 cm3 4-Stroke In-Line Four Engine
Fitted with a supercharger and intercooler, the liquid-cooled 1,498 cm3, In-line 4-cylinder marine engine that propels the ULTRA 310 Series models forward with an exhilarating rush of acceleration produces an output much greater than a normally aspirated engine of the same displacement. This is due in large part to the use of a roots type TVS supercharger, which generates boost even at low rpm to ensure powerful acceleration, right from idle. Maximum output is a lofty 228 kW (310 PS)*.
*Output measured at the crankshaft under controlled conditions. Actual performance may vary.
* DOHC, 16-valve, fuel-injected, 4-stroke In-Line Four engine displaces 1,498 cm3 and has a bore/stroke ratio of 83.0 x 69.2 mm. Compression is 8.2:1.
* A single throttle body is used with a bore diameter of ø60 mm.
* High-flow fuel injectors with 4 orifices complement the engine’s substantial output and contribute to combustion efficiency.
* For efficient piston cooling, each piston is cooled by two oil jets with 0.5 mm jet nozzles.
* Water jacket distributes water evenly around the cylinder for efficient cooling performance. To help prevent dilution due to over-cooling, a check-valve opens to release the water from the jacket when the engine is idling or turned off; it closes when running to allow the jacket to fill.
* Oil cooler features a second water-cooling layer to ensure adequate cooling at higher rpm.

* Baffle plates (2 longitudinal, 1 cross) in the oil pan act as partitions, helping to keep oil from collecting on one side of the pan during tight turns, or sudden acceleration / deceleration.
* The ULTRA 310 Series models feature a 4-into-2-into-1 powerboat-style exhaust system, which routes the exhaust pipe upwards. This allows the smoothest flow for exhaust gases, maximising exhaust efficiency.
* Dual water muffler arrangement provides greater volume, which reduces exhaust back pressure, and in turn contributes to performance. The large muffler volume also contributes to a quite ride.

Supercharger and Intercooler
* The roots type supercharger is known as a fixed displacement supercharger. This design produces large amounts of boost even at low rpm, for instant and powerful acceleration right off of idle. With every revolution, it force-feeds the engine 2 litres of air (theoretical volume is 2,019.3 cm3 per engine revolution), ensuring a stable supply
of high-pressure intake air at all rpm. The result is a very flat and meaty torque curve and step-free power across the rev range, with none of the time lag associated with turbochargers.
* Twin Vortices Series (TVS) Roots supercharger, featuring twin 4-lobe rotors, is highly efficient and quite compact. Boost pressure is 16.8 psi.
* Where some superchargers deliver compressed air in waves, the TVS unit offers continuous delivery, contributing to smooth throttle response.
* Internal planetary gearing increases supercharger speed 2.1 times, to ensure the necessary speed to deliver the high-power output. An external pulley has a 0.9 reduction ratio. The combination delivers the required rotational speed while ensuring a low belt load.

* To ensure ideal intake air pressure, not one, but two air bypass valves are used. A vacuum air bypass valve is used to balance air pressure upstream and downstream of the throttle body. It works mostly at low and medium rpm. A second, regulatory air bypass valve aids the vacuum air bypass valve in preventing over-boosting when the throttle is shut (or opened) suddenly. Should the system’s specified maximum pressure be exceeded, the regulatory air bypass valve is activated, allowing air to escape.

* Efficiently cooling the high-pressure intake air is a liquid-cooled intercooler. Friction between the air molecules heats the intake air to extremely high (power-robbing) temperatures, but the intercooler cools the air back down to ambient temperature. Cooler air results in high engine output.

Electronic Throttle Valve
Electronic throttle valves efficiently manage the engine’s massive power output. They also make minute engine control possible, enabling easy switching between riding modes.
* Accelerator Position Sensor (APS) converts throttle lever input to an electronic signal. This signal is then used by the ECU to control the throttle valve via electric motor. A Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) on the throttle body provides feedback to the ECU.
* Redundancy in the system (APS and TPS each send two sets of signals to the ECU) ensures some control is maintained in case of failure.

Propulsion (Jet Pump / Impeller)
Electric Trim-Control System
* To efficiently convert the ULTRA 310 Series engine’s massive power into thrust, a large-diameter ø160 mm jet pump is used.

* Developed based on feedback from Kawasaki’s race machines, this pump was specially designed to deliver breathtaking acceleration, stable output and good “bite,” even when riding in rough water.
* A large impeller, featuring a sophisticated 3-blade design, delivers both high performance and quiet operation. A revised impeller blade angle contributes to increased acceleration performance off the line.
* 8-vane guide smooths and regulates the flow of water from the impeller for efficient and powerful propulsion.
* Horizontal guide vanes on the grate “grip” the water, keeping the bow from rising on acceleration for improved stability. The improved hookup enables a more efficient transfer of power to thrust.
* ø88 mm steering nozzle, designed to be short and slim, ensures a light steering load. Handling feels light despite the high-power output.

Electric Trim-Control System
* This convenient system allows the angle of the jet pump nozzle to be controlled electrically (seven positions: STD +/- three positions), making it easier for riders to adjust the attitude of the hull to suit water surface conditions and riding style.
* In rough water, angling the jet pump upwards raises the bow for rough water handling. Conversely, when conditions are smooth, angling the jet pump downwards lowers the bow for turning performance.

Launch Control Mode - NEW
When accelerating with the system engaged, the trim is automatically adjusted to suit vehicle speed.

* Two modes allow either single or repeated launches.
- Single mode: once set, Launch Control Mode is only active for the first acceleration period.
- Repeat mode: once set, Launch Control Mode is active each time the rider accelerates from a slow speed.

Electronic Cruise Control
This mode fixes speed (rpm) at the level specified. It is a convenient feature for long-distance cruising.

* The mode is activated by pushing the button on the right handle when riding.
* Cruising speed can be adjusted using the UP and DOWN buttons.
* During operation, the speed displayed on the instrument panel will flash slowly.
* After activation, the throttle is pulled all the way in to maintain speed.
(This position is more relaxing than keeping the lever at partial throttle.)

Releasing the throttle lever disengages the system.

One-Touch "NO WAKE" Mode - NEW
This handy mode is used in “No Wake” zones. It regulates engine speed to maintain a forward speed of 5 mph (8 km/h).

* When activated, the drive mode indicator will read “5mph.”
* When riding into a headwind or with a load, pushing the cruise control UP button offers three levels of increased rpm. Speed range is 5 mph (8 km/h) to 6.2 mph (10 km/h). NEW
* To disengage, press the button again, or pull the throttle lever.

Power Mode Selection / SLO-Mode - NEW

Riders can select from Full, Middle and Low Power Operation, as well as Smart Learning Operation (SLO)-Mode.

* When using the standard (Full Power Operation) key, riders can easily switch between power modes to suit conditions, skill level, or preference using the mode button on the left handle.

Full Power Operation (FPO 310HP) - engine output is unrestricted, allowing riders to experience the unbridled potential of the supercharged engine.

Middle Power Operation (MPO 248HP) * Default setting when first starting the engine is MPO, which is manageable for beginners.

Low Power Operation (LPO 186HP) - offer progressively more restricted engine output. MPO limits output to approximately 80% of FPO; LPO sets output to approximately 60% of FPO.

Smart Learning Operation (SLO 160HP) -Mode function allows newer riders to become familiar with the handling and response of the JET SKI watercraft at a more relaxed pace before unleashing the full power of the supercharged engine. * A separate SLO-Mode key that restricts operation to SLO-Mode is coloured bright yellow, making it easy to distinguish from the FPO key.

Kawasaki Smart Steering

* The KSS (Kawasaki Smart Steering) supplementary steering system is designed to assist new riders as they learn turning and manoeuvring of a personal watercraft.
*Ideal for novice riders, can be easily disconnected for more advanced riders.

KSRD (Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration) -NEW

* Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration electrically deploys the reverse bucket.
Activated with a thumb switch on the right handle, it enables thrust to be controlled with one hand. When fully deployed, the reverse bucket contributes to deceleration.

* To reverse the JET SKI, simply push the thumb switch. This will fully deploy the reverse bucket and apply thrust. Pushing the thumb switch farther increases the thrust.
* In addition to “Forward” and “Reverse” modes, a “Neutral” drive mode, where the reverse bucket is partially deployed, helps keep the JET SKI in place when idling. To engage “Neutral” from “Forward” mode, release the throttle lever and gently push and release the thumb switch.
From “Reverse” mode, simply releasing the thumb switch will engage

Reverse Assist
* With the reverse thumb switch fully depressed, the Trim control buttons (UP/DOWN) can be used to increase/decrease engine rpm to adjust thrust. This feature is handy when backing the JET SKI out of trailer into the water.
* When the reverse thumb switch is released, rive mode switches to Neutral and the engine returns to idling.

Lightweight Hull
Loaded with technology from Kawasaki’s championship winning machines, the race-developed hull handles with precision and control, with a high level of seaworthiness – and at speeds from idle to its impressive top end. Specifically designed to handle the
enormous output from the supercharged engine, the hull achieves a balance of strength and light weight.
* Deep-V hull design enables banked turning performance. This reduces the lateral G-loads imposed on riders during turns, allowing them to better concentrate on riding. Measuring 22.5°, the idealised V-angle at the bottom of the hull helps prevent spinouts during sharp turns. As a result, the ULTRA 310 Series models deliver the neutral handling and turning characteristics for which Kawasaki JET SKI watercraft are famous.
* Feedback from Kawasaki’s numerous IJSBA championship winning racing machines contributed to a hull specially designed to cope with the engine’s massive output while offering precise performance and responsive handling in both calm and choppy-water conditions.
* The bottom of the hull slants upwards steeply from the centre section to the bow, allowing the ULTRA 310 Series models to penetrate swells and waves with less shock. At low speeds the result is great composure; at higher speeds the massive thrust enables the hull to push through most waves rather than bounce over top of them.
* The lower hull is specially designed to distribute the engine and power delivery loads over a wide area.
* With hull thickness determined based on a detailed strength analysis, the hull offers an idealised strength balance matched to the engine’s high output, and a lightweight package.

Ride Plate

* A groove running from the centre to the rear of the ride plate makes it easier to hold a straight course when running straight ahead.

Quattro KSD - Kawasaki Splash Deflectors
* Ridges across the bottom of the bow, Kawasaki Splash Deflectors deflect water splashing forward from under the hull. A fourth splash deflector mounted at the top reduces spray during high-speed turns.
Whether turning or blasting straight ahead, at high speeds or low, the Quattro KSD minimises spray, allowing greater rider concentration.

Increased Splash Protection -

* Front bumper is 50 mm taller, offering increased splash protection for improved comfort. Channels in the bumper allow water that sprays up onto the bonnet to be redirected overboard.

* At its tallest, the rear bumper is 100 mm higher, making it harder for water to wash on deck during tight, banked turns.

Extensive Cruising Range - NEW
* Offering more fuel capacity than any machine in its class, the fuel tank holds 80 litres of fuel. At cruising speed (70kph, in ECO mode this will yield approx 150km's of range in ideal conditions with 1 Rider and 10kg of luggage)

*Kawasaki's use the Marine law. 1/3 out, 1/3 back, 1/3 in reserve. The Kawasaki will tell the rider they are on LOW fuel when the tank see's 1/3 remaining. This is equal to approx 28Litres of fuel and almost enough to travel a further 50klms. 

* Sponsons extend from the hull to provide stable straight-line performance (e.g. porpoising from start is minimised, etc) while helping to retain the machine’s narrow overall design. They also contribute significantly to the superb manoeuvrability when changing direction (particularly at higher speeds).

Built-in Cleaning System
* The ULTRA 310 Series models feature a built-in cleaning system to purge seawater used to cool the engine and intercooler. There are two separate circuits (one for the engine, one for the intercooler), each with a dedicated flushing port on the transom. Fitting a separate connecting tube is quick and easy. (Flushing the engine requires the engine to be running; flushing the intercooler requires the engine to be off.)

Dynamic Luxury Styling
All-new from the deck up, the 2022 ULTRA 310 Series models were completely restyled to give them a fresh image. Their “dynamic luxury” design maintains the dynamism of their predecessors while adding a three-dimension feel, and a high attention to detail ensures a luxurious, high-grade finish for each of the three distinctive, head-turning designs.

* Sleek, dynamic styling, headed by an aggressive intake-style design at the bow, conveys their sporty prowess and ensures that these JET SKIs stand out on the water.
* Designers carefully crafted parts with a three-dimensional feel to complement the dynamic styling, expertly weaving these pieces together to create a high-grade, bespoke design.

Storage - NEW

Completely rethought storage system offers a total storage capacity of 168.5 litres.

* Under the bonnet, the large-capacity, fully sealed 124-litre front storage area has plenty of room for recreational equipment.

* With the elimination of the reverse lever freeing up space, the new Easy-Access Storage offers 40 litres of space behind the handle. The PWC industry’s first sideaccess storage space, it is accessible from either the left or the right, offering a highly convenient place to keep high-use items.

* Inside the Easy-Access Storage (on the right side), a 1.7-litre waterproof compartment complete with USB outlet is ideal for mobile phones and other items that you do not want to get wet.

* Gullwing design of the Easy-Access Storage covers give the ULTRA 310 Series models the air of a supercar when they are open – just one example of the high attention to detail that makes these flagship runabouts the envy of the marina.

* Attractive and functional, the stylish new mirrors feature larger mirror surfaces offering greater fields of vision while contributing to the luxurious design. Mirror covers on the ULTRA 310LX-S (black) and 310LX (painted) are another high-class touch.

* Dual cup holders are built into the centre console between the TFT display and handle.

* Aft of the rear seat, the Easy-Access Rear Pocket offers an additional 2.8 litres of space for rope, tools and other small items.

7” TFT Display - NEW
Large, easy-to-read 7” full-colour TFT instrumentation offers multiple display modes, jog-dial control, Bluetooth connectivity, and even infotainment features.

* Riders can use the jog-dial to select from three display modes (Digital Speedometer,
Analogue Tachometer, Digital Speedometer + JET SKI image) depending how they
want their information presented. The screen background can also be set to black or white to suit preference.

* Screen brightness adjusts automatically to suit available light, contributing to the instrument’s high legibility. Brightness can also be set manually to suit driver preference. LCD bonding technology allows the screen to be positioned close to its glass covering, helping to minimise glare for high clarity.

* Screen display functions include:
* The Economical Riding Indicator appears on the display to indicate favourable fuel consumption (i.e. at planing speed, when hull resistance is minimal). Paying attention to this indicator can help riders maximise their fuel efficiency.
* Surrounding the screen, a number of indicator lamps provide at-aglance information:
* When linked to a smartphone† via Bluetooth, notification of calls and messages received will be indicated on the instrument display.
†Compatibility limited to iOS-type smartphones
• speedometer
• tachometer
• fuel gauge
• drive mode
(F, N, R)
• boost pressure
• clock
• Power Mode
• compass
• trim
• selectable display that includes: digital tachometer, trip meter, total time, trip time, oil temperature, engine coolant temperature, battery voltage, intake air temperature, diagnostic code, external air temperature, external water temperature

• Bluetooth indicator
• telephone call indicator†
• mail indicator†
• Economical Riding Indicator
• Cruise
†Compatibility limited to iOS-type smartphones
• low fuel
• engine
• oil
• battery
• engine coolant temperature
• immobiliser
• master warning
• trim
• reverse
* The instrument’s large screen size makes it ideal for infotainment functions. Features like the programmable way point indicator (GPSbased), vehicle information (including trim condition and preferred trim settings), rearview camera monitor, and audio track display† offer both information and entertainment value.
†When linked to an iOS-type smartphone.
* Highly convenient waypoint function displays the distance and direction to a destination programmed by the rider. Up to three points can be programmed: start point, destination 1, destination 2. Riders can choose between north-up (map is fixed, with north always at the top) and track-up (map rotates to match the direction of travel) display options.

Keys & Immobiliser

* Key slot is now located in the centre of the handle (previously on centre console). The  ignition switch is at the left handle.

* Adding a high-class touch, the FPO key is emblazoned with the
River Mark. The SLO key is plain yellow, as before.

5-Way Adjustable Handle Bars
* The models of the ULTRA 310 Series feature a 5-way adjustable handle that suits a wide range of riders and riding styles, allowing either stand-up or sit-down riding.

Riding Position and Ergonomics - NEW
Ergonomics on the ULTRA 310 Series models were designed to comfortably accommodate three people, as well as facilitate both stand-up and sit-down riding.

* Handle grips are positioned at a fairly wide stance, contributing to rider-friendly control. The grips are 10 mm lower to match the new deck design.

* Revised throttle lever offers lighter operation. Riders require less effort to maintain the throttle, contributing to increased comfort.
* Ergonomic deck design gives plenty of legroom without necessitating a high seat, for rider-friendly seating accommodations.
* The deck is flatter and 35 mm lower at the rider’s feet, offering more leg room for increased comfort.

* Two-piece, three-person seat offers roomy accommodation for three people. Its redesigned front portion is 80 mm slimmer at the knees, greatly facilitating stand-up riding.

Multi-Mount System - NEW
Multi-Mount Bars (and Multi-Mount Rails) contribute to the increased convenience.

* Two Multi-Mount Bars (ø22.2 mm pipes) are built into the front of the handle (one on each side).

* A third Multi-Mount Bar is located below the Easy-Access Rear Pocket.

Easy-Access Cleats - NEW
* Built-in cleats (one on each side) provide convenient cinch points when mooring at a dock. Their clever design helps redirect water overboard.

Accessories - NEW

A wide complement of accessories offer customers many options for customisation, vehicle protection and convenience.

* In addition to existing accessories, new accessories include a stern bag, soft cooler, dry duffle bag, easy-access storage bag, dry bag, vacu-hold JET SKI cover, rear rack and tie down.

* Special equipment for the ULTRA 310LX-S and 310LX are also all available as accessories, enabling customers to upgrade their JET SKI to include all the features of the top-of-the-line ULTRA 310LX.

Available accessories
include the ULTRA Deck, rearview camera, accent lights, JETSOUND 4s audio system, ERGO-FIT LXury Seat (different from the standard part, the accessory ERGO-FIT LXury Seat features black and gray colouring to better match all colourways), and meter visor.

* Special equipment for the ULTRA 310LX-S and 310LX are also all available
as accessories, enabling customers to upgrade their JET SKI to include all the
features of the top-ofthe-line ULTRA 310LX.

Available accessories
include the ULTRA Deck, rearview camera, accent lights, JETSOUND 4s audio
system, ERGO-FIT LXury Seat (different from the standard part, the accessory
ERGO-FIT LXury Seat features black and gray colouring to better match all colourways),
and meter visor.

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