Celebrating 10years with Kawasaki

Just over 10years ago we made the switch from a Performance Dyno shop focusing on high end drag engines. RB26's, 2JZ's, LS1's, Rotaries etc.

One night a few calls with friends presented an opportunity to take on the Kawasaki franchise. Next thing we removed 12 hoists, sold the dyno and outfitted the workshop into a showroom. Here we are now in 2022.

Our shop has now grown to twice the size with the purchase of the adjoining building and our focus is as strong as ever with face to face customers and servicing. In 10years we have sold over 800 Kawasaki Jetski's to the local Brisbane area, and in the last 4 years we have sent out over 200 Stage 1 performance kits World wide.

Covid has been tough but the website and comments from our customers all around the world have kept us going. Now we look forward to the next 10 years with 2 brand new models and rumors of much more coming.

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