KSPEED Ultra 300/310 Offshore Ride plate KS2

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The Kawasaki Ultra 310 was developed to be an offshore race ski, and it does that very well.

At Kspeed we like to push the limits of the machine without sacrificing safety. We have found a way of keeping the ski stuck to the water and hooked up 99% of the time in the choppiest conditions.

If your Lake is messed up by the wind? This plate will make it feel flat. 2-3 foot rollers feel like they aren't there.

When everyone else backs off because it's too rough, you can power through it.


It's comparable to riding a mountain bike with suspension for the first time. You expect to get airborne over the crest but it just absorbs the wave hooks up and goes again.

Less air time, more time spent with the pump loaded up pushing you forward.

We recommend the use of the 2degree KSPEED pump wedge with the KS2 off shore ride plate.This will keep the top speed high without affecting cornering ability.


Dominate the rough water and leave everyone else behind.

This is a very limited run.

Fits 2012+ Kawasaki Ultra 300

Fits 2014+ Kawasaki Ultra 310

Fits 2012+ Kawasaki Ultra LX (non supercharged)