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The KSPEED - Speed Control Override Module removes the restrictive speed control function on all Kawasaki Ultra 300 and 310 models delivering significant increases in top speed when using the stock ECU.

Does not affect speedometer accuracy, Eco Mode or Cruise Control functionality.  All original dash functions are retained.


Why Kspeed? We live and breathe Kawasaki Jet Ski's. We are an official Kawasaki Jet Ski dealer in Brisbane, Australia.
All Kspeed products are rigurously tested for many months by us before ever being released for sale.
Our R&D team won't send out anything that is not right,  it has to be perfect. And if we wouldn't put it on our own ski's we certainly wouldn't sell it.
Our Scom's are made locally in Brisbane, Australia and use genuine Kawasaki pins that won't damage or stretch your ECU harness.

Instructions are included in the package.
*note. Our Kspeed ECU reflash has the speed limiter removed in the tune (only the KSPEED tune does this). So if you are purchasing our reflash, you do not need a SCOM.